Tony started diving in 1998 and is one of North Herts Divers most experienced instructors in terms of certification. Outside of instructing, Tony is a technical diver specialising in cave diving and extended range mixed gas (tri-mix). The deepest dive Tony has done is to around 90 meters. 


Paul also started diving in 1998 and is a very experienced instructor. Outside of instructing, Paul is a technical diver specialising in closed circuit rebreather (CCR) and extended range mixed gas (tri-mix). The deepest dive Paul has done is to around 70 meters. Paul is also certified as a solo diver with TDI but these days generally tends to dive the buddy system with the club


Garry qualified as a diver in 1996 through NAUI. He then went on to get his advanced open water through PADI and then finally transitioned to a BSAC Dive Leader and has been with BSAC ever since. Garry is an experienced instructor for North Herts. Although Garry has never ventured down the technical diving route, he remains a keen, very experienced diver and an excellent instructor who has helped qualify many of our club members in North Herts


Fran has been diving since early 2015 where she originally qualified with PADI and then transferred to BSAC in October 2016. Fran is a very keen UK diver and is currently one of North Herts most active divers, she dives regularly all year round in both the UK and abroad. Fran is starting to wander down the technical route outside of instructing, aspiring to become a mixed gas diver for deeper diving and potentially a CCR diver in the future

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John started diving in 1988 with Stevenage Sub Aqua Club and then went on to join BSAC 380 who eventually split and became BarZero whom he is still a member of today. John joined North Herts in Oct 2018 and has proven to be very valuable to the club as he is a very keen and active diver and also has his own dive boat. John is currently an assistant open water instructor but is looking to do his full instructor qualifications in 2020. He is open to the idea of technical diving but currently says he is quite happy with what he does so far!