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The committee is elected every October at the club annual general meeting (AGM). Any fully paid-up member may apply for a committee position. 

Fran 2023

Francesca Iosue: Club Chairman

(Technical) IANTD Normoxic Plus CCR

Joined North Herts Divers in 2016

Interesting fact about Fran: I am half Italian with a Greek surname that nobody can pronounce correctly. I am also learning Italian. 

Best Foreign Dive: SS Polynesian (65m) in Malta

Best UK dive: HMAT Warilda (50m) out of Brighton


Richard Ellis: Diving Officer

BSAC Advanced Dive, BSAC Open Water Instructor, IANTD Advanced Nitrox.

Joined North Herts Divers in 2023

Interesting fact about Richard:Been A West Ham Season Ticket Holder Since before England Won the would cup in 1966.

Best Foreign Dive: Night Dive Off Zanzibar Town.

Best UK dive: Vase Rock, The Manacles.


Nick Di Vita: Training Officer

Sports diver -(currently doing dive leader)

Joined North Herts Divers in 2018

Interesting fact about Nick: Ex Military Who loves Board games.

Best Foreign Dive: Zenobia Cyprus.

Best UK dive: Portsmouth Wreck Diving. 

John Milles .JPG

JOHN MILLEST: Club Secretary 

Joined North Herts Divers in 2020

Interesting fact about John: John Loves his water sports as well as marine biology. He decided to swap out his 40 year old snorkel set for a set of regulators 2years ago and has not regretted it. 

Best Foreign Dive: Not Dive over seas but best snorkelling around Banyuls Cebere Nature Reserve France.

Best UK dive: Farne Island.


Kevin Stenson: Club Treasurer 

Joined North Herts Divers in 

Interesting fact about Kevin:

Best Foreign Dive: 

Best UK dive: Farne Islands, 



Dive Leader + Assistant Instructor

Joined North Herts Divers in 2018

Interesting fact about John: Owns a small dive boat and two diving scooters

Best Foreign Dive: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Best UK Dive: Farne Islands, Northumberland

Pete profile.jpg

PETE BURRIDGE: Equipment Officer

Sports Diver

Joined North Herts Divers in 2014

Interesting fact about Pete: Owns a dragster truck that he's hoping to compete at places such as Santa Pod raceway

Best Foreign Dive: Not dived abroad

Best UK Dive: James Eagan Layne, Plymouth


Carl Grounsell: Membership Secretary 

Joined North Herts Divers in 2019

Interesting fact about Carl : Is currently a Captain Paul Watson Foundation Uk volunteer.

Best Foreign Dive : Gran Canaria, Pasito Blanco

Best UK Dive : Stony Cove, Leicester 

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